Ad-hoc tutoring for Spring 2024

This semester, there have been changes to the roles and responsibilties of the various course staff. Our undergraduate staff, previously known as "Course Producers", are now peer tutors (or "tutors" for short). As such, our tutoring staff no longer maintains fixed, pre-scheduled office hours. Instead, we will have drop-in tutoring available in the SAL computer lab. We aim to staff the tutoring from 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday.

However, and this is an important change from previous semesters, there may be times during the week when no tutors are available. If this is the case, then the queue below will be closed. Tutors do not have the general availability of open office hours (our TAs do, check out the TA page for details).

In order to access tutoring during tutoring hours, please follow these steps:

You may access the queue here: USC CSCI 104L Spring 2024 Ad-hoc tutoring queue

If that link doesn't work, go to the main Immasignup Page and login first. You need to use your email address.