You are required to attend the lecture section that you are officially enrolled in. It is highly recommended that you attend lecture.


Identifier Days Time Location Instructors
29989 Tuesday, Thursday 8:00 AM to 9:20 AM Pacific SGM 101 Andrew Goodney
29905 Tuesday, Thursday 11:00 AM to 12:20 PM Pacific THH 201 Andrew Goodney


Identifier Days Time Location Instructors
30200 Tuesday 3:30-5:20pm SAL126 Pranav Jain
30238 Tuesday 5:30-7:20pm SAL126 Pranav Jain
30286 Wednesday 12:00-1:50pm SAL109 Yuxin Yang
30294 Tuesday 1:00-2:50pm SAL126 Jeremy Morgan
30379 Thursday 2:00-3:50pm SAL127 Sima Arasteh
30394 Wednesday 2:00-3:50pm SAL109 Nathan Bartley
29912 Wednesday 5:00-6:50pm SAL109 Nathan Bartley
29914 Wednesday 3:00-4:50pm SAL126 Sima Arasteh
29915 Wednesday 12:00-1:50pm SAL126 Jeremy Morgan


Check the semester schedule for exam dates and times.