Staff and Hours

For special questions, you can contact your instructor. However, we encourage you to use the course edStem page so that other students can also benefit from these questions or answer them. Note that we may change the listed office hours as needed, or add more before homework deadlines or examinations. For an up to date listing please see the Google Calendar


Mark Redekopp
Mark Redekopp T: 8-9am (Zoom + RTH cafe courtyard)
T,Th: 12:30-1:15pm (Zoom only)
W: 1-2:30 (Gerontology Courtyard (prioritizing in-person) + Zoom)

Teaching Assistants

Nathan Bartley
Nathan Bartley See Google Calendar Zoom
Hannes Leipold
Hannes Leipold See Google Calendar Zoom
Kyle Reing
Kyle Reing See Google Calendar Zoom

Course Staff

Louis Addison
Louis Addison See Google Calendar
Jarret Spino
Jarret Spino See Google Calendar
Marina Lin
Marina Lin See Google Calendar
David Zhang
David Zhang See Google Calendar