EE109 – Spring 2020 Introduction to Embedded Systems

EE109 – Spring 2020: Introduction to Embedded Systems

People/Office Hours

For special questions, you can contact your instructor. However, we encourage you to use the course Piazza page so that other students can also benefit from these questions or answer them.


Name Email Office Hours Location
Murali Annavaram Murali Annavaram annavara@ Tu 3:30-4:30
Th 3:30-4:30
EEB 232
Fei-fei Qian Feifei Qian feifeiqi@ T,Th: 3:30-4:30 TBA
Mark Redekopp Mark redekopp@ M: 9am-9:45, 1-2:30pm
T: 1-1:45pm
W: 9am-9:45
F: 2-3:30pm
EEB 222
Allan Weber Allan Weber weber@ M: 10am-12pm
W: 11am-12pm
Th: 3:30-4:30
or any other time if available
EEB 410

Teaching Assistants

Name Email Office Hours Location
Johanna Garcia Cardona Johanna Garcia Cardona jgarciac@ Tu: 6:30-7:30, W: 8am-9 VHE 205
Rachit Rajat Rachit Rajat rrajat@ M: 3-5 VHE 205
Kun Yue Kun Yue kunyue@ Th: 10am-12pm, F: 9am-11 VHE 205


Name Email Office Hours Location
Tomas Acin-Chediex acinched@ M: 12:30pm-2, W: 11am-12:30pm VHE 205
Radhika Agrawal agrawalr@ F: 2-3:30 VHE 205
Melissa Ahn Tu: 10am-11, Th: 6pm-8 VHE 205
Megan Andersen andersem@ Tu: 12:30-2 VHE 205
Luz Camacho luzcamac@ M: 1-4 VHE 205
Oliver Eisenberg oeisenbe@ W: 11am-12:30pm VHE 205
Tristan Elma elma@ Tu: 11am-12:30pm, F: 2:30-4 VHE 205
Jason Gendron gendronj@ F: 9:30am-11, 12:30pm-2 VHE 205
Arthur Krut akrut@ Tu: 8am-9:30, W: 9am-10:30, Th: 8am-9:30 VHE 205
Stephanie Lampotang slampota@ Th: 12pm-1:30, F: 9:30am-11 VHE 205
Isabelle Lau laui@ M: 12pm-3 VHE 205
Haemin Lee haeminle@ F: 12:30pm-2 VHE 205
Jonathan Montemayor jmontema@ M: 2-3:30, F: 4-5:30 VHE 205
Brian Price briancpr@ M: 12pm-1, 5:30pm-7:30 VHE 205
Patrick Salas TBD VHE 205
David Suignard suignard@ M: 4-5:30, F: 4:30-6 VHE 205
Kevin Warasila warasila@ Tu: 12pm-1:30, 6pm-7, W: 10am-12 VHE 205
Ben Wassynger wassynge@ Tu: 9:30am-11 VHE 205
Rita Yang hyang@ Tu: 11am-12:30pm, Th: 11am-12:30pm VHE 205

For a chart of office hours held in the VHE 205 classroom, click here.