CSCI 103L Spring 2022 Introduction to Programming

CSCI 103L Spring 2022: Introduction to Programming

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Welcome to CSCI 103L. This class is an introduction to computer programming, using C++ as the programming language. You will learn about variables, types, loops, conditional statements, functions, input/output, arrays, recursion, dynamic memory, object-oriented programming, performance, and several data structures. You will get a lot of practice reading, writing, and debugging computer programs.

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This class uses the language C++ and will also give you basic familiarity with the Unix command prompt, including command-line tools for compiling and debugging your programs. We assume some background in programming (e.g. CSCI 102 here at USC), so if you have some Java or Python experience this is the course for you.

Check out the syllabus and other pages listed in the menu on the right side.

-Prof. Goodney and the CS103L teaching team