CSCI 102 - Fall 2023 Fundamentals of Computation

Welcome to CSCI 102

Welcome to CSCI 102 - Fundamentals of Computation. This website will serve as the main portal to all the information and other sites related to this course. Check it often!

Required Subscription

For Fall 2023 we are using the online coding platform Codio. You will automatically be connected to Codio when you click on the assignment link on Blackboard. To get connected and sign up on Codio, log into Blackboard, choose Assignments..Labs, and choose Lab 1. This will redirect you to Codio and you’ll be given an opportunity to setup your account and pay the fee.

There is a modest ~$45 subscription cost for the semester. If you drop the course within the first two weeks you may contact Codio support and request a refund. You must do this within the first two weeks!

How can I get a recording of lecture