EE109 – Spring 2018 Introduction to Embedded Systems

EE109 – Spring 2018: Introduction to Embedded Systems



All labs must be demoed in your registered lab no later than 1 week after it is assigned. Reports and code files must be submitted online by 11:59 PM of the Friday 1 week after the lab is assigned.

Note: Coding labs will be worth 20 points each. The distribution of points will be listed in the grading rubric included with the lab handout.

Lab Files to Download Notes and Other Links Due Date for Demo Code Submission
Lab 0: Installing the Arduino Toolchain (contains ee109.c and Makefile) Lab 0 Notes
Mac software

Windows software

1/17 & 1/19 Blackboard (Navigate to EE109..
and find the submission form
Lab 1: Electronic Circuits (contains Lab1_Answers.txt) Watch this video before attending 1/24 & 1/26 Submit on Vocareum by 1/26
Lab 2: Digital Logic - Gates (contains Lab2_Answers.txt) 1/31 & 2/2 Submit on Vocareum by 2/2
Lab 3: Arduino Input and Output template3.c [Link to Arduino Digital I/O Slides] 2/7 & 2/9 Submit on Vocareum by 2/9
Lab 4: LCD Zip file with lab4.c, Makefile, test.hex and LCD files [Link to LCD Lecture Slides] 2/14 & 2/16 Submit on Vocareum by 2/16
Lab 5: LCD [Link to LCD Lecture Slides] 2/21 & 2/23 Submit on Vocareum by 2/23
Lab 6: ADC Zip file with lab6.c, adc.c and adc.h [ADC Video Intro]
[Link to ADC Slides]
3/7 & 3/9 Submit on Vocareum by 3/9
Lab 7: Rotary Encoders and Interrupts lab7.c [Link to Rotary Encoders Lecture Slides]
[Rotary Encoders Video Lecture]
3/21 & 3/23 Submit on Vocareum by 3/23
Lab 8: Stopwatch None [Link to Timers Lecture Slides]
Timers Video
3/28 & 3/30 Submit on Vocareum by 3/30
Lab 9: Serial Communications lab9.c [Link to Serial Communications Lecture Slides]
Serial Video
4/4 & 4/6 Submit on Vocareum by 4/6
Project None Viewing RS-232 data on the scopes
Project check-off sheet
4/27 Submit on Vocareum by 5/9
Labs below this point have not yet been assigned and material is not available.


Online (Blackboard) homeworks are due at 11:59 PM via Blackboard on the indicated date unless otherwise noted. Only your LAST submission will be used for your grade...not your HIGHEST submission.

Paper Submission HWs are due in class to your instructor on the due date.

Number Due HW Handout Link Solutions
HW1 1/19 Circuits Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW2 2/9 Binary Systems, Bit Fiddling, and Digital I/O Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW3 PtA - 2/19
PtB - 2/20
Decoders & Muxes Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW4 3/9 Combinational Synthesis Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW5 PtA - 4/2 (midnight)
PtB - 4/3 (in class)
Arithmetic Circuits Part A on Blackboard by 4/2 and Part B in class on 4/3 Solutions
HW6 4/13 Sequential Logic & FSM Design Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW7 4/20 Processor Organization Blackboard Submission Solutions
Homeworks below this point have not yet been assigned and material is not available.