CSCI 103 Spring 2018 Introduction to Programming

CSCI 103 Spring 2018: Introduction to Programming

People / Office Hours

You can attend anyone's office hours.

For general questions that other students might also have, please use the course Piazza page if possible, so that other students can benefit from seeing your question and its answer.


Name Email Office Hours Location
Andrew Goodney  IMG_1945 goodney@ Monday: 3pm-5pm
Tuesday: 4pm-5pm
Wednesday: 2pm-5pm
PHE 434

TA/CP Office Hours Calendar

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistant office hours do not start until the 2nd week of classes.

All TAs have office hours in SAL 125.

Name Email Office Hours
Feng-Ju Chang fengjuch@ M 11am-1pm
Brendan Kennedy btkenned@ M 2pm-5pm
W 4pm-7pm
Abdulla Alwabel alwabel@ M/T 5pm-8pm
Wuxuan Jiang wuxuanji@ T 4pm-7pm
Th 3pm-5pm
Jun Tang juntang@ T 11am-1pm
Th 11am-1pm

CPs/Course Producers

CP office hours do not start until the second week of classes.

All CPs have office hours in SAL 125.

Name Email Office Hours
Teyva Chee teyvache@ M 11am-12pm
W 12pm-1pm
Th 5pm-6pm
Jamila Abu-Omar Jamila abuomar@ M 12pm-1pm
M 3:00pm-5pm
W 12:30pm-1:30pm
Leigh Rubin leighrub@ M 1pm-2pm
Th 3:30pm-4:30pm
Christine Chen 6Square chen410@ M/W 1pm-2pm
Justin He   hejustin@ M 5pm-6pm
T 5pm-6pm
Anish Verma   anishver@ M 3:30pm-5pm
W 3:30pm-6pm
Sam Kushell kushell@ M 5pm-6pm
T 11am-12pm
Owen Gong   gongjing@ M 6pm-8pm
T 2pm-4pm
Sophia Tiutan   stiutan@ M 5pm-6pm
T 5pm-6pm
Teresa Liu teresali@ M 6pm-8pm
Jennifer Zheng Jennifer zhengjen@ T 12pm-2pm
W 2pm-4pm
Darvish Kamalia darvish kamalia@ M 2pm-3pm
T 1pm-3pm
W 7pm-8pm
Krishna Gopal   gopalk@ T 2pm-4pm
Apurva Gandhi apurvaga@ T 3pm-5pm
W 7pm-8pm
Clairisse Haines chaines@ T 6pm-8pm
Th 4pm-6pm
Ankur Rastogi   ankurras@ T 6pm-8pm
W 1pm-3pm
Caleb Thomas   calebtho@ T 7pm-8pm
Th 1pm-2pm
Sampurna Basu 10862563_758355800912277_4435522446581663300_o sampurnb@ W 11am-1pm
Terence Zhang Terence zhehaozh@ T 11am-12pm,1pm-2pm
Th 7pm-8pm
Olivia Hong ohong@ W 5pm-6pm
Th 11am-1pm
Katie Moreno crmoreno@ W 5:30pm-7pm
Th 5:30pm-8pm
Kelly Lampotang lampotan@ W 6pm-8pm
Caroline Chocholak chochola@ Th 1pm-3pm
Alina Abidi   aabidi@ Th 2pm-4pm
Audrey Brooke abrooke@ Th 5pm-7pm
Jheremy Strom   jheremys@ Th 6pm-8pm



Graders do not hold office hours, but will grade PAs and can answer questions on Piazza.

Name Email