CSCI 103 Summer 2018 Introduction to Programming

CSCI 103 Summer 2018: Introduction to Programming

Homework: Object-Oriented Programming

These exercises complement Section 7.7 and Chapter 9 of the textbook. You may want to skim that reading first, and come back to it as needed.

The first exercise is to practice dot notation. This was introduced in Chapter 7.7.1 for structs, and classes use the same notation.

The next exercise is to practice writing the constructor of a very simple class. See Section 9.5.

The next exercise practices defining and calling member functions. See section 9.4.

The next exercise is practice using the alternative pointer-to-structure notation (Chapter 7.7.2).

The final exercise asks you to implement one more method. However, we remove the scaffolding, so you'll have to pay attention to how a member function was declared and defined in the above exercises.