CSCI 103 Spring 2018 Introduction to Programming

CSCI 103 Spring 2018: Introduction to Programming

Final Exam Information

When: Monday December 11th, 2017 from 4:30-6:30pm






Anything that was covered in lecture, homework, labs, or the programming assignments can come up on the final exam. Material from the first half of the course will come up again because the concepts in the first half of the course are fundamental, but the focus will be to gauge your familiarity and understanding of the concepts from the second half of the course.

Therefore, you should anticipate that there will probably be at least one question focusing on each of the following topics:

To help you study and to specifically include/exclude some topics, we provide a detailed list below. Anything from the midterm topics list can come up again, so the below information only covers topics not from that list.

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:


APIs that you should be familiar with (if anything not from this list is on exam, it will be defined in exam text):