CSCI 102 - Spring 2018 Fundamentals of Computation

People and Office Hours

For special questions, you can contact your instructor. However, we encourage you to use the course Piazza page, so that other students can also benefit from these questions, or answer them.


Name Email Office Hours Location
Mark Redekopp Mark redekopp@ M: 11 am-12, 1-2:30pm
W: 11am-12
Th: 1-1:40pm
F: 1-3pm
EEB 222

TAs & Course Producers

The schedule below is ordered by day and time (Mon.-Fri., morning-evening).

Name Email Office Hours Location
Denim Mazuki mazuki@ Mon. 2-4pm SAL Lobby
Danny Pan dannypan@ Mon. 4-6pm SAL Lobby
Jeremy Liu jeremyjl@ Tues. 12-3pm SAL Lobby
Kyle Tan kyletan@ Tues. 3-5pm SAL Lobby
Tiffany Huang huangtt@ Tues. 3:30-5:30pm SAL Lobby
Bobo Liu shihborl@ Tues. 4-6pm SAL Lobby
Shen Yan shenyan@ Wed. 12-3pm SAL Lobby
Cherrie Wang cherriew@ Wed. 3-5pm SAL Lobby
Jacob Metzman metzman@ Wed. 4-6pm SAL Lobby
Sam Resendez saresend@ Wed. 5-7pm SAL Lobby
Conner Chyung cchyung@ Thurs. 11am-1pm SAL Lobby
Mark Gauderman mgauderma@ Thurs. 12-2pm SAL Lobby
Margaret Field margarjf@ Thurs. 1-3pm SAL Lobby
Lisa Li lisali@ Thurs. 2-4pm SAL Lobby
Erica Jung jayunjun@ Thurs. 4-6pm SAL Lobby
Hans Chang weihanc@ Thurs. 4-6pm SAL Lobby
Jeremy Liu jeremyjl@ Thurs. 5-8pm SAL Lobby
Shen Yan shenyan@ Fri. 12-3pm SAL Lobby


Name Email
TBA tba@