CSCI 102 - Spring 2018 Fundamentals of Computation

Discussion/lab sessions are held every week and will be conducted by a TA/CP. Attendance will be taken and count toward your participation grade, however you can miss 3 lab sessions over the semester w/o penalty. Labs are mainly a time for you to get help on your homework or to ask questions in a smaller group setting. For certain weeks, we will also have some practice problems for you to work on as well.

Lab Rules

  1. You are to attend that lab you are registered for. You may NOT attend another lab or "makeup" a lab by attending a later one.

Weekly Lab Instructions

Lab Topic
Week 3 Data Types and Expressions
Week 4 More Expressions, Variables that Change
Week 5 Interpolation, Casting, and Computation
Week 6 If Statements and Vocareum Questions
Week 7 While loops
Week 8 (Midterm) For loops and VM Installation Open Help
Week 9 Linux and More Loop Practice
Week 10 Nested Loops & Arrays
Week 11 More Arrays
Week 12 Functions
Week 13 Strings
Week 14 Debugging
Week Bonus Bonus Challenge Problems

Signing Up For A Lab

Time Tues Weds. Thurs.
10 a.m. SAL 322
Bobo Liu
EEB 349
Margaret Field
11 a.m. SAL 322
Lisa Li
SAL 322
Erica Jung
12 p.m. SAL 322
Hans Chang
1 p.m. SAL 322
Danny Pan
SAL 322
Tiffany Huang
SAL 322
Jake Metzman
2 p.m. SAL 322
Kyle Tan
SAL 322
Cherrie Wang
2:30 p.m. SAL 322
Mark Gauderman
3 p.m. SAL 322
Denim Mazuki
SAL 322
Shen Yan
4 p.m. SAL 322
Conner Chyung
SAL 322
Samuel Resendez